What’s in the spring industry?

Valiant Industries are an established spring manufacturer, spring supplier in Malaysia. and also one of the market player in the spring industry over decades. We do covers almost all types of spring you need for different applications such as compression spring, tension spring, torsion spring, constant force spring & etc. Our factory has all the manpower and facilities to custom made your required specifications in all types of spring.

About the spring…

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A compression spring is an open-coil helical spring that offers resistance to a compressive force applied axially. They are used to resist force and/or store energy, depending upon the application.

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Torsion springs can store and release angular energy or statically hold a mechanism in place by deflecting the legs about the body centerline axis. They offer resistance to twist or rotationally applied force.

Tension Spring are also known as Extension Springs. They are designed to absorb and store energy as well as create a resistance to a pulling force.It is initial tension that determines how tightly together an extension spring is coiled. This initial tension can be manipulated to achieve the load requirements of your particular application.

constant force spring manufacturer, constant force spring supplier malaysia

A constant force, or “clock” spring, is a roll of prestressed strip which exerts a nearly constant restraining force to resist uncoiling. The force is constant because the change in the radius of curvature is constant. Constant force motor springs are used to drive mechanisms for timers, movie cameras and cable retractors.

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